Vote Caroline Russell #1 for Assembly List


Nominations have just opened for the Green Party Assembly list selection.  If you are a London Green you have some serious choices to make about how to rank the candidates so that you get Assembly Members elected who will do a good job for Londoners and represent our party and our Green values well. I hope you will put me at the top of the list so I can continue to represent the Green Party on the London Assembly, bringing Londoners voices into City Hall and challenging the Mayor to do a good job.

Please watch my video – or if you prefer to read I’ve pasted a text version below.


VOTE CAROLINE RUSSELL FOR LONDONERS – First choice on the Green Party List for the London Assembly

I’m currently Leader of the City Hall Greens and have been an Assembly Member since 2016. 

 I’m experienced, hard-working and I know how to get things done.

I hope you, as London Greens, will give me a chance to serve a third term by putting me at the top of the Assembly list.

Since my first term, when I got the Mayor to declare a climate emergency, I’ve been working on issues that make a real difference to Londoners, and using my media and communication skills to put forward our Green Party policies as solutions for our city.

I’ve held the Police to account for their shocking strip searching of black children, the disproportionate criminalisation of young black men and the Met’s disgraceful culture of sexism, racism and homophobia.

Following my campaigning, the Met has drastically reduced the number of knife images on their social media this year. I used compelling evidence from young people and academics that this was making London’s knife crime problem worse, not better. 

As Chair of the Assembly Health Committee last year, I delivered reports on health issues that affect some of the most vulnerable people in our communities – on drug harm reduction, access to everyday healthcare for trans and gender diverse people, and the woeful state of toilet provision in London.

My work at City Hall is informed by my local perspective as a councillor in Highbury, where I’ve been elected three times since 2014.  

I’m proud that every committee report I’ve chaired and motion I have brought this term has been agreed unanimously as a result of working to build cross-party consensus.

By building effective relationships with the other Group Leaders I ensure that the voice of the Green Party, and our inclusive values, have a real influence on decisions in City Hall.

Please vote to place me at the top of the Assembly list so that I can continue working on the Green Assembly team with Londoners, campaigners and Green councillors to make this a fairer, safer and greener city. 

Promoted and produced by Caroline Russell as part of their campaign for election to the post of London Assembly List candidate. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.