Priorities for London

######Sharing the success

I love London but I believe it can be even better. I have a vision of it as not just the world’s greatest city but also the world’s greenest city – a diverse, healthy, fair and prosperous community where everyone, from the wealthiest to the poorest, shares in its success.

I will promote London as an example to the world of how economic prosperity can go hand in hand with a green revolution that radically improves the quality of:

* The homes we live in
* The streets we use
* The air we breathe

These priorities demand serious innovation – but London is the most innovative city in the world. London’s dynamic economy should turn its focus to the challenge of delivering a transformation in housing, cleaner air and safer, greener less traffic dominated streets. London has the chance to be at the forefront of a worldwide revolution in green technology and social innovation, and all Londoners will benefit.

######The homes we live in
London housing is increasingly unaffordable both to rent or buy. Many homes are poorly insulated and expensive to heat. There is a building boom, but it is providing investment opportunities rather than the affordable homes that Londoners need. We need new models for retaining public assets in public hands, delivering affordable, low carbon homes throughout the city.
######The streets we use
Our streets are traffic dominated, with far too many people killed and seriously injured as they go about their daily lives. We need efficient public transport, less lorry danger, fewer cars, less road death and injury, improved health for all and investment in the infrastructure we need to get more people walking and cycling.
######The air we breathe
More than 4000 people are dying each year in London due to our filthy air. Diesel vehicles are contributing disproportionately to the toxic, cancer-causing brew we breathe each day. We need to urgently clean up our air, green our city and safeguard our environment.

The Mayor of London has the power to change all these things. We need radical, brave action to bring about the change we need and only a Green Mayor will deliver this.

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