Talking with Nick Ferrari on LBC about Streetspace and the Judicial Review

Yesterday morning ahead of Mayor’s Questions I went on LBC to talk with Nick Ferrari about the Judicial Review of the Bishopsgate A10 Streetspace Scheme. Brought by UTAG and the LTDA.

In brief, the judgement raises interesting questions about the way London is governed, and how decisions are reached, but it doesn’t say you can’t try to reduce traffic or make more space to walk or cycle.  

As ever with a judicial review the issue is about the way decisions are made.  

It does say that taxis do have a special status and TfL acted unlawfully by failing to actually make a clear decision that reflected that.  

The review importantly and rightly points out that decision making must be informed by the Public Sector Equality Duty. 

The judgement does not say that the principle of reducing traffic is wrong.