Nominations close tonight for the Green Party London Assembly List selection

Nominations close tonight for London Green Party’s selection of candidates for the London Assembly elections in May 2020.  I am putting myself forward to stand again as a London Assembly list candidate.

All London Green Party members will now help to choose an ordered list of eleven candidates to stand in the London Assembly election in 2020. This is the part of the election that is held under proportional representation and is how Sian Berry and I were elected to the Assembly in 2020 and Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones in previous elections.

For the last two and a half years, since we were elected in May 2016, Sian and I have worked as an effective team dividing up topics to maximise green influence in City Hall.  We’ve been listening to Londoners, bringing people’s issues into City Hall and pushing the Mayor to make his policies and statutory strategies smarter, greener and better for all Londoners.

I’ve focussed on transport, economy and environment while Sian has covered policing and housing.  We both chair committees and through this work we have produced cross party London Assembly reports that the Mayor has to respond to. This scrutiny process allows us to build consensus for good ideas, push the Mayor’s team to do better and to check that no Londoners are left behind.  

Sian and I have been preparing for the forthcoming Assembly election in 2020 ever since we were elected in 2016. We’ve created a record we are proud of and built relationships with campaigners across London. We are ready to fiercely contest the 2020 election and are looking forward to working with London Greens to hold two Green Party seats and hopefully to gain more.

I look forward to the challenge of this internal selection process and sharing my work of the last two and a half years. I hope London Green Party members will vote for me first on the London Assembly list so I can continue my work for Londoners in City Hall.